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Identive: Hardware, software and chip solutions for secure access to digital content and services across the globe.

We help our customers to provide first class solutions for banking, government and enterprise solutions based on Identive's latest smart card reader technology for contact, dual interface & contactless applications including NFC.

The ID Infrastructure division from Identive Group is a leading provider of solutions for secure access, secure identity and secure exchange. For organizations and individuals that need to secure their digital assets, electronic transactions and facilities, the company provides solutions that cut costs and reduce risk and liabilities. ID Infrastructure's broad and integrated offerings enable complete solutions that allow customers to turn to a single source to meet all their security and identity management challenges.

The company offers the world's broadest range of contact, contactless and mobile smart card reader and terminal technology, digital identity and transaction platforms, as well as systems that integrate physical and logical access control. Additionally, it is a leading provider of commercial digital media readers to the worldwide photo kiosk market.

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The secure RFID solution for windows login and single-sign on

Secure RFID Windows login with Mifare DESFire

ConCERTO LOGON is an identification and security solution using a contactless DESFire EV1 technology for Windows LOGON and Single Sign-On.

Securing company data and ensuring privacy is crucial to your business! Often your stringent password, user and workflow policies are unconsciously undermined by your employees. Bad password habits such as writing passwords down, re-using passwords for different applications and choosing simple passwords can make organizations vulnerable to attacks and data theft. Prevent this by using a secure contactless smart card instead for your Windows login and single sign-on.

..ConCERTO LOGON helps you to keep your company data safe.

The ConCERTO LOGON Starter-Kit allows you to equip 20 seats in an easy, fast and efficient way.

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