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Battery Directive

The German Batterie's Act (BattG) comes into force on 1 December 2009. It supersedes the Batteries Regulation (Batterieverordnung) in force since 1998 and is a direct implementation of the EC Battery Directive. The German Batteries Act is divided in articles. Article 1 amends battery disposal, Article 2 modifies the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz) and Article 3 governs entry into force. This occurs changes for manufacturers/importers of batteries, distributors, retailer (including mail-order dealers) and disposers.

The Batteries Act (BattG) implements the EU Batteries Directive in Germany. A register for manufacturers of batteries and accumulators has been set up according to EU requirements. The Federal Environment Agency will manage the register which will allow it to gain an overview of the enterprises active on the market. It will also allow the Agency to prosecute enterprises trying to dodge their own obligation to dispose of their products at the expense of their co-competitors. In the process UBA (Federal Ministry for the Environment) will be entitled to fine "free-riders".

ID Infrastructure is registered at Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Saftey with the registration number 21000764.

The draft act also determines that 35% of the portable batteries placed on the market annually will have to be recovered and recycled as of September 2012 at the latest. After September 2016 this percentage will increase to 45%. The current regulations pertaining to the recovery and disposal of portable, automotive and industrial batteries remain largely intact.

ID Infrastructure is registered at "Stiftung GRS Batterien" since 2000. ID Infrastructure will fulfill all regulations in cooperation with "Stiftung GRS Batterien".

You find more information to the Batteries Act and to Stiftung GRS Batterien on the following links:

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